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Martin & Me

"If you're a sucker for the sound of a Martin guitar, then you should check this out." — Acoustic Magazine Issue 122


Errand Lasses & Buffer Girls
Holmfirth Festival of Folk, May 2013

Sail On By
Fylde Folk Festival, August 2013

Whitsuntide Clothes
Fylde Folk Festival, August 2013

Sheet music can be downloaded here.

Based in Northamptonshire, Pamela Ward and Paul Cherrington have been playing and writing music for 30 years. From winning the Brewhouse Music prize in 1987 they have toured the U.K. and parts of the Middle East and Mediterranean. They have been session recording artists and studio guests for a variety of projects, including late night programmes The Early Show and Night Ride for BBC Radio 2 and commissioned work from Japan and Denmark.

They are acclaimed song writers and finalists in international song writing competitions. Some of their work has been recorded and performed by other artists on the U.K. folk circuit.

Destination Album - Fellside This recent release is a multi-disc compilation loosely charting the story of Fellside Recordings and includes the track “I Live Not Where I Love” which we recorded on the Brewhouse label in 1988. 'Destination' comprises 3 CDs and there are 64 tracks by many well known and prominent artist

Little Mesters. Our song "Little Mesters" has been published in the current edition of the magazine “Stirrings”. Little Mesters were the artisans of the fine cutlery and knife trade in Sheffield. Master craftsmen, they fashioned the blades from the original smelting of the steel to the intricate and decorative finish of a fine product. The arrival of mechanisation and mass production saw the end of an era for such skilled craftsmen. We wrote the song about 10 years ago in memory of the Little Mesters. A live recording can be found at The website for Stirrings is  Sheet music can be downloaded here.

s on the folk circuit. We are delighted to be included on this album.